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Cancellations & Changes

J&O Adventures applies the following cancellation and changes policies:

  • Cancellations made more than 60 days before tour departure receive a full refund of any initial deposits paid. If full tour payment has been received, an 80% refund is administered.

  • Cancellations within 7 to 60 days of trip departure receive a 20% refund of total amount participant has paid to date, including deposit.

  • Cancellations within 7 days of a trip departure receive no refund whatsoever. This includes failing to show up for the tour or any tour components without prior notice.

  • Name changes on existing bookings are permitted up to 24 hours before the trip departure time, subject to a name change fee of $100 AUD, $70 USD, £55 GBP or €65 EUR. Some special tours and activities do not permit name changes or have higher fees. Confirm with your J&O Adventures agent first.

  • Trip date changes on existing bookings are allowed up to 30 days prior to current tour departure date if alternative open spots exist, subject to availability. Within 30 days of trip start, any date changes incur a $100 AUD, $70 USD, £55 GBP or €65 EUR change fee per person if rescheduling options exist.

In general, J&O Adventures does not issue refunds or compensation if participant cancels their tour, trip components are missed, or changes must be made due to personal reasons, weather delays, flight cancellations, injury/sickness, visa issues or other disruptions beyond our control before or during the trip. We make reasonable efforts to keep to the advertised itinerary as closely as possible for all travelers. However trip parameters are subject to alterations as outlined elsewhere in our terms & conditions.

J&O Adventures understands that unforeseen life circumstances outside a traveler’s control may force cancellation of a tour for compassionate reasons. While we (generally) adhere to strict cancellation policies outlined above, we will review and consider refund exceptions on a case-by-case basis for:

  • Death of immediate family member such as an spouse, children, or parents (certificate required)

  • Documented medical emergency involving yourself or an immediate family member

  • Emergency military service commitments

Compassionate cancellations or tour interruption requests should be received in writing along with any official documentation of the circumstances at least 48 hours PRIOR to trip commencement whenever feasible. Last minute claims may also be considered if evidence is supplied after the tour that reasonably prevented advance notice.

Approved compassionate cancellations/refunds are limited to recoverable transferable tour components and dependent on the trip departure proximity timing when notified. Consideration does not infer guaranteed relaxation of cancellation penalties for voluntary decisions to alter plans based on illness, family changes, work conflicts etc. Terms of any refund offered are at full discretion of J&O Adventures management and require signing a release form.

J&O Adventures retains discretion on a case-by-case basis to refund any prepaid amounts or fees if we are compelled to cancel a tour before departure for our internal business reasons or external factors. Monies refunded may take up to 60 days to process if trip termination occurs after originally scheduled. No compensation or consequential damages are covered by company in event of cancellation or alteration required by J&O Adventures or suppliers.


J&O Adventures and its partner contractors cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss, damage, delay, fatality, theft, sickness or any other cost or harm that may arise during any tour or activity. All tour participants recognize that adventure activities do carry inherent risks, and by booking and participating in a J&O Adventures tour you voluntarily and forever assume and accept, on behalf of yourself and any minors in your booking party, all known and unknown dangers, consequences, claims, and risks. Participants additionally agree not make any claim of any kind for compensation or damages against J&O Adventures for any loss, damage, injury or expense that results directly or indirectly from any action or omission that occurs during the course of travel or participation in any tour. The sole responsibility for any medical care, property loss or damage, evacuation costs, trip cancellation costs or any other expense before, during or after the tour rests entirely with the tour participant. By booking a tour with J&O you waive all rights to file a lawsuit, damages or claims of any kind against J&O Adventures whatsoever.


J&O Adventures requires all tour participants to obtain valid medical travel insurance that covers at minimum emergency medical treatment, ambulance transportation, and emergency medical evacuation. We strongly advise participants also purchase the optional comprehensive travel insurance for full protection in event of trip cancellations or delays, lost or delayed baggage, theft of personal belongings or money, or other issues that may take place during travel that standard medical insurance does not cover. J&O Adventures cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by situations or losses that medical or upgraded travel insurance policies would otherwise cover. Upgraded comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended but not mandatory. Please consult your insurance provider to understand precisely what type of incidents may or may not be covered under your selected medical or comprehensive travel policy.

Bookings & Payments


To reserve space on a J&O Adventures tour, a minimum 20% deposit of the quoted tour price must be paid at the time of booking. Bookings can only be made online. The deposit acts to hold your place while the remaining balance must be paid 30 days prior to the tour departure date.


Tour prices are set based on a minimum number of travelers and are subject to change at any time before full payment is received due to increases in transportation costs, currency fluctuations, national park fee increases, fuel surcharges and other operational factors outside of our control.


If the tour price increases after booking, participants have the option to cancel their booking without penalty and receive a full refund of any payments made to date including the initial deposit.


Final tour payments can be made via Visa, Mastercard or an Australian bank transfer. Transaction fees may apply for certain methods. If final balance is not received within 2 days after the 60 day due date, J&O Adventures reserves the right to treat the booking as canceled and withhold refund of deposit per cancellation policies.

Limits on Responsibility

J&O Adventures acts solely as an operator to book transportation, accommodations, restaurants or other services included in tour itineraries. We are not responsible for negligence from any third-party travel providers we work with, including bus companies, rail services, hotels, restaurants, activity operators or any other vendors linked to your itinerary. J&O Adventures cannot be held liable for any death, personal injury, illness, property loss/damage or other issues that result from negligent actions or failure to act on the part of our travel suppliers and activity vendors. We do not own, operate or control any third-party suppliers we contract for tour experiences. By participating, you waive all right to damages or claims of any kind against J&O Adventures for problems stemming from third party tour service providers we book on your behalf. We cannot refund or alter any arrangements due to incidents stemming from separate tour activity operators or travel service companies.

Itinerary Changes & Alterations


J&O Adventures reserves the right to amend, alter, cancel or make reasonable changes to the tour itinerary at any time, when deemed necessary or advisable. Tour itineraries should be considered an approximate indication of the activities and schedule, and are subject to rearrangement after commencement of the tour. Locations, accommodations and scheduled activities may change without prior notice due to unforeseeable events such as weather, natural disaster, road conditions, political unrest, transport issues, problems with hotels or vendor availability issues. No refunds will be offered for missed activities due to changes in itinerary before or after departure. If a comparable alternative cannot be substituted, J&O Adventures efforts to operate planned itineraries will be deemed adequate performance regardless of omissions. The additional terms of transportation providers apply as well for changes while en route.

Termination Rights


J&O Adventures reserves the right to immediately cancel any tour booking or terminate an in-progress tour without providing refunds, if the participant:


-Provides false or misleading information on their registration/waiver forms

-Fails to meet stated eligibility requirements for tour participation

-Undergoes a deterioration in health that makes participation unsafe for themselves or fellow travelers
-Fails to follow safety guidelines, instructions or directions from tour leader/guides

-Engages in illegal behavior or substance use

-Has a negative impact on the enjoyment or rights of other participants

-Causes damage/loss to activities, accommodations, transportation or other tour elements

-Refuses reasonable requests from trip coordinator or tour guides

-Does not possess necessary documents like passports, visas, vaccinations

-Causes delays or holds up the schedule of the tour unnecessarily

Additionally, J&O Adventures retains its right to modify or cancel a trip for any reason prior to departure date with no obligation to refund payments, provided an alternative comparable excursion is made available.


If J&O cancels a tour before commencement for any reason, liability is limited to amount participant has paid to date. J&O has the discretion to substitute alternative destinations or activities at any point without compensation if required. The terms serve to outline the participant’s binding contractual obligations upon tour booking. Violation of any above conditions constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal or cancellation of current/future bookings.



By booking and participating in a J&O Adventures tour, you agree to accept all risks that may arise out of or occur during the course of the tour’s actions and activities. As such, you release J&O Adventures, its owners, employees, tour leaders, and partner contractors from any and all liability for loss, harm or damage to person or belongings that may incur as part of the tour.


Furthermore, participants agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless J&O Adventures and its personnel from any damages, claims or causes of action brought forth by third parties, including co-participants, as a result of the participant’s own negligent actions or failure to act responsibly during any part of the tour.


Should J&O Adventures or its employees be required to defend itself for property damage or personal injury caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless actions taken by a tour participant, that participant assumes all costs incurred by J&O Adventures for any legal fees and awarded damages. J&O Adventures cannot be held liable for the errors, acts or failures to act of any party or service provider other than the company itself. By booking a trip, you specifically waive any right to bring a lawsuit, claim damages or make demands of any kind against J&O Adventures and affiliated partners for situations arising out of your participation in our tours.

Privacy & Data Protection

J&O Adventures is committed to protecting the personal information of tour participants in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles. The personal details requested during the tour booking or travel insurance processes will only be used for the purposes of making reservations with transportation, accommodation, and activity suppliers as necessary to facilitate your travel plans.


We will not share or disclose personal participant information to any unrelated third party without prior consent, unless required to do so by law or necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of J&O Adventures or its participants. Credit card details are stored securely in compliance with PCI Data Security Standard and will only be retained long enough to process payments owed for booked tour services.


Tour participants have the right to request access to view any personal data J&O Adventures may hold and to have any inaccuracies in information corrected. If you have questions or concerns over privacy of data or would like to access, amend or delete any unsupported data we store, please email or write to us. Note retention of certain information may be required for legal financial record-keeping.


As outlined in our terms & conditions, travelers on tour may have photos, videos or written comments used for future J&O Adventures marketing unless the participant specifically opts-out of inclusion in promotional materials.

Pictures & Marketing Usage


J&O Adventures reserves the right to take photographs and video footage of its tours, tour participants, and tour activities. By agreeing to these terms, you grant J&O Adventures permission to use any images, photos, videos, verbal/written comments or testimonials given by participants for future marketing and promotional purposes in any medium, without payment or other compensation.


If you prefer to opt-out of inclusion in future J&O Adventures’ marketing materials, you must notify us at the time of booking your tour or prior to trip commencement. Note that we cannot control media taken by other tour participants.


J&O Adventures will never sell participant images/videos to external parties without consent. Photos or videos used in promotional materials remain the property of J&O Adventures including rights bought from photographers. By booking, participants waive rights to review any photos/videos pre-publication and cannot make claims against J&O Adventures for approved usage or distribution of imagery.


Disputes & Complaints


If an issue or problem arises during your J&O Adventures tour, you must first inform your tour leader/guide as soon as possible so they can attempt to remedy the situation on location. Should a complaint or dispute be unable to be resolved directly between affected parties whilst travelling, you have up to 30 days after the tour completion to file a written complaint directly to J&O Adventures via email at (complaints@joadventures.com).


The email must outline the nature of the complaint along with supporting documents related to the case. You will receive confirmation of receipt within 72 hours, after which we will investigate further. We will not review complaints first made via public online review forums. J&O Adventures may offer a reasonable settlement to resolve legitimate complaints, but retains final discretion.


J&O Adventures reserves the right to claim compensation to cover expenses incurred for fraudulent or defamatory claims levied against the company under Australian law.


Australian Consumer Law

J&O Adventures complies fully with the Australian Consumer Law which provides consumer protections and rights for goods and services contracts under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.


Under ACL, J&O Adventures has obligations including:


-Providing contracted tour services with due care and skill

-Ensuring all provided information about tours and prices is accurate

-Offering refunds for any major failures to supply contracted tour services

-Compensating for damages caused by negligent service provisions


As an Australian adventure tour agent, J&O Adventures acknowledges the consumer guarantees outlined in the ACL apply including:


-Services must match descriptions, be fit for purpose and delivered within reasonable time

-Consumers can seek redress for misleading claims or incorrect charges

-Remedy options cover refunds, replacement or damages payouts

-Participants have a right to sue for breach of guarantees or contract terms under Australian -Consumer Law. J&O Adventures terms and liability limitations do not exclude or restrict -provisions under statutory consumer laws which protect client rights for tour services booked and paid for in Australia.